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Bubbly Bub on-line Video Libraries

The Bubbly Bub on-line Video Libraries give you instant access at any time to all you need to know to provide your baby with safe, happy experiences during bath, shower and pool time. The videos show Judy bathing, showering and swimming with babies starting when they are just weeks of age. Judy talks about what she is doing, why she is doing it and how to keep baby safe and happy so their love of water grows.

Visit the Bubbly Bub Video Subscription page.

Getting baby used to being in the bath

Bubbly Bub Consultation

Consultation options include Home Visits, Pool Visits and Workshops.

Judy will design and provide a consultation to meet your needs - whether it is for a group or for one.

Judy is the founder of Bubbly Bub and has 38 years experience in New Zealand and England teaching parents of infants and toddlers and tutoring swim-teachers. Judy is gentle in her manner and has a wealth of knowledge that she is passionate about sharing so every parent achieves their wish for their baby to love the water.

Bubbly Bub Consultations are available nationwide in New Zealand.

To enquire about a Workshop, Pool Visit or Home Visit for you or your group please email Judy. Include a phone number in your email and Judy will phone you within 24 hours.