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"The session was fantastic - thank you so much! - Kapiti Coast

"I learned how to support my baby in the bath so she floats" - Wellington City

"If we hadn't done the Bubbly Bub sessions we wouldn't have such confident girls now" - Auckland

"Of benefit to me were gaining knowledge about how to approach bath time, and water on her head" - Wellington

"I thought the session was great and I've had plenty of thank-yous from the rest of the girls for organising it and now we're planning more trips to the pool" - Wellington

"No more anxiety over how Liam may behave in the pool now... I'm more relaxed about taking him swimming in the future" - Wellington

"It was great to see someone so confident and relaxed with Ari in the bath. Bathing him with you there to guide me was great" - Wellington

"I am inspired to take bath time to new levels with play" - Wellington

"This workshop has increased my confidence about what to do in the bath" - Hutt Valley

"Since the pool session you took, the mums go regularly to swim with their baby" - Lower Hutt

"I am more confident" - Porirua

"Thank you for giving our group such a wonderful introduction to the pool" - SPACE at Maungaraki Playcentre, Lower Hutt

"Keep up the good work. More people need to know these things" - Northland

"Thank you for your wonderful workshop" - Whangaparoa

"Everyone came back raving about the pool session" - Hutt Valley

"It was great to have our first ever swim under the guidance of someone like you who knows so much and has so much experience" - Upper Hutt

"It has made such difference to bath time. Thomas enjoys it so much more and so do I. He has so much fun and now my husband wants to bath him" - Susie

"We learnt so much at the pool session. Since then we have been meeting at the pool each week for a swim and then going for coffee. The kids love it and they sleep afterwards too!" - Kay